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Other Online Resources:


duoLingo is a popular online resource to learn a language. Fun, free, and science based! Check it out here, or search your appstore for the duoLingo app!



Basic ESL improves an individual’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a simple to follow, and instructionally proven curriculum. Students learn English quickly and effectively on relevant topics including: family, home, school and many other topics. In each lesson students learn key vocabulary and how to use that vocabulary in conversation.

No computer experience is necessary.



Language & Travel


Mango Languages

A variety of resources to help you learn practical conversation skills for languages spoken all around the world. Mango Languages is completely self-paced and provides a quick introduction to a language and culture through the acquisition of simple conversational skills. 

World Book Hispanica

This comprehensive Spanish-language encyclopedia includes more than 100,000 articles, more than 8,500 images and maps, and nearly 1,000 videos, animations, sounds, and interactive media. It is designed for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students, and ESL/ELL program participants. 

World Book Spanish

This is part of World Book Online Reference Center that is a Spanish-Language encyclopedia called Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos. It contains 2,200 articles and more than 600 illustrations. The Spanish Student Discovery Encyclopedia is organized so that the student can find information quickly and easily.